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First Xbox 360 Elite pics? Nope.

Ryan Block, @ryan

We can't guarantee that any black Xboxen from here until the launch of the Xbox 360 Elite won't just be shots of the original 360 dev kit that was sent around, but we've already got our first batch of "confirmada" Elite pics that sprung up. Let's be honest here -- the only thing that's gonna be different is the black plastic (which we've been seeing for a while) and some new box art. The real and important differences, friends, will be under the hood, and it's those things we're stoked to find out more about.

Update: Our trusted source that confirmed the Elite let us know that these shots are quite fishy; they don't have the same plastics details as the real Elite, nor does the retail box match up. Sorry folks, chalk this one up to the usual group of bored, fanatical photoshoppers.

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