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PS3 price difference buys a lot of beer

Dustin Burg

It's pretty common knowledge that the PS3 is a bit more expensive than a Xbox 360. In Europe the difference in price is around £146, something Microsoft really wanted to hit home with their latest generous offering. This afternoon, over at the CVG offices, they received a special delivery of £146 worth of Fosters beer, rolled in by beer couriers, and sent to them by none other than Microsoft. Perplexed by Microsoft's sudden generosity, they opened the attached note which read;

"What would you purchase for £146...? (The price difference between an Xbox 360 and a PlayStaion 3) Well, for a start we thought you might like £146 worth of beer to kick start your weekend early."

What a great point Microsoft, we would have never thought to purchase beer with all of the money we've saved. But why you didn't share the beer love with Fanboy Towers? We're still a little confused to exactly how much beer one could purchase with the savings in US currency, so we'd welcome the knowledge. Lucky CVG writers ... they get all the drunken fun on Microsoft's tab.

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