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Voting opens on $1M Intel challenge


We're all a pretty critical lot when it comes to design, right? Well now's your chance to let your refined sense of taste show by voting on a selection of Mini PC designs. Intel's Core Processor Challenge has narrowed down a field of Viiv certified Core 2 Duo mini PCs to a shortlist of ten. Of these, only seven (for some oddball reason) are pictured on the challenge web site for voting. Of course, you won't find the Mac mini in the running since it's not Viiv certified, but that doesn't explain the missing Kapsel. Nevertheless, an art deco design from Slipperyskip Computers (top-left) is currently in the lead. Will they take home the the $1,000,000 prize? Have your say -- click the read link below and get out to vote. The winner will be unveiled on April, 20th.

[Via Reg Hardware]

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