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Watch internet TV on your 360 with Orb


IPTV may be a ways off for the Xbox 360, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little internet TV fun right now. Introducing Orb, a media streaming solution for the Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3. Orb allows users to stream video, photos, and music to selected devices, including our beloved Xbox 360. Of course, the Xbox handles streaming all by its lonesome, but Orb adds the option of streaming content from internet sources as well. While we've seen similar functionality in programs like TVersity, we've actually managed to get Orb up and running with minimal hassle. So far we've watched a little BBC and a Japanese rock concert with little trouble (over a wireless connection no less). The program takes some time to buffer (over a minute in our case) but the ease of use is appreciated. To give it a shot yourself, head over to, read the Xbox 360 guide, download the software, and get cracking.

Keep in mind you will have to create an Orb account, but it's free (for now at least). Also, we have no knowledge of how reliable Orb is, so use it at your own risk. Give it a whirl and tell us what you think.

[Via TeamXbox. Thanks, Didlee]

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