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Wii Warm Up: More consoles


We love the Virtual Console. In the (completely mythical) drought periods between flagship Wii titles, the Virtual Console gives us a steady diet of excellent, cheap games. More than that, it serves as a history lesson for all the new gamers flooding into the hobby, and those too young to remember the 8-bit era. Also it gives you all a second chance to buy some Turbografx-16 games.

Obviously, we want more. We love the available consoles, but they aren't enough. We salivated over the Saturn rumors, and we'd like to see that. In fact, we have a great deal of affection for all Sega consoles. We'd like to see some Master System games show up on the VC soon.

What consoles would you like to see added to the lineup? Any answer is the right answer, as long as it's not the ActionMax!

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