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Codename Fiji refers to Media Center refresh?


Microsoft is trying its darndest to stay mum about future versions of the Windows Client, since all that talk and expectation for Vista sure didn't treat 'em right. Luckily for us, all that transparency Microsoft has been working on with its corporate bloggers is paying off in little slip-ups here and there, with this one coming from Charlie Owen, the Windows Media Center Product Manager. In a blog post tagged "Fiji," which he has since pulled, Charlie mentions the next version of Media Center being "yet another out of band release" and that "the team is pretty happy about that because it allows us to get back on our (approximate) yearly schedule of delivering goodness to customers." He has since apologized for leading his blog following astray with the info, but that doesn't mean we can't still skim some info from this, including the implication -- which is growing in other circles -- that Fiji is a "shoulda been in Vista" update for Media Center, not the whole OS. As to what will actually end up in such a Media Center update is anyone's guess, but we've all got our own personal wishlists to be sure. Let's start with a few bug fixes, shall we?

[Via Chris Lanier's Blog]

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