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Gran Turismo HD Euro update supports force feedback racing wheels

Ross Miller

European PlayStation 3 owners now have something they can tout over their Japanese and North American brethren. Though they did wait months longer for the console's release, it seems that they are privileged to an updated version of Gran Turismo HD Concept, and version 2.0 sports force feedback support for racing wheels.

But force feedback is last-gen, you say? Vibrating controllers of Sony's past have won Emmys, we say. Racing fans who are dedicated to the genre enough to buy a wheel peripheral deserve to have as immersive an experience as possible, even if it's just one race course. This bodes well for future releases (as well as the unknown known Sixaxis with rumble). As of this writing, the U.S. version is still 1.1, but we expect to get our rumble shortly.

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