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Grand Theft Auto IV's 30 minute infomercial

Dustin Burg

Last night the guys over at Gamertag Radio were channel surfing and ran across an interesting countdown clock on FX. It looked familiar, but was it really an ad for Grand Theft Auto IV? Yes indeed, it was an infomercial for GTA IV, but was lacking any real substance. Rockstar purchased a 30 minute spot on FX airing from 2:00AM EST to 2:30AM EST to show nothing more than a simple countdown clock (viewable above) complete with loud ticking sound. This is the same clock that appears on the official GTA IV website which is counting down to our first glimpse of the game. Let's just say this trailer better be something special Rockstar, because teasing us with a long and dull infomercial doesn't make us happy. Next week we'll see what you have to offer ... next week.

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