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How to top the healing meters


In some guilds, the healing meters are all that matter. Never mind that the information such metrics provide is nearly worthless in determining the "best" healers in your group. They completely ignore important utility abilities (such as res, dispel, and buffs) and say nothing on the very important subject of mana management. Despite this, in some guilds, your place on the healing meter is going to determine whether you get to stay in the guild -- or not. In this light, helpful forum poster Nurf has decided to enlighten us on how a priest can stay on top of the healing meters. Though the post looks suspiciously like a step-by-step instructional manual of the worst way to keep a group alive -- and it makes me very sad that any healer would need to follow such instructions in order to stay in their guild. My advice: if your guild drives you to these measures, gquitting would just be easier!

However, whether you're a priest or otherwise, these instructions are a humorous look at some of the tricks of the trade -- and everything that's wrong with evaluating a healer's performance purely based on heal meters.

[Via Life in Azeroth]

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