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iRiver panders to the low-end with T50 DAP


While we might like iRiver best for its Clix and W10 hawterness, the company hasn't forgotten those poor unfortunate souls who can't afford to drop a few hundies on a PMP device. To that end, iRiver is busting out the T50 player today, which runs on a single AAA battery, boasts 52 hours of playback, sports 1GB of flash memory, and has a teensy 1-inch CSTN LCD. The player is a followup to iRiver's T10, which came out in 2005, and the T50 thankfully does away with a good bit of bulk and frumpiness of that player. Codec support is solid, with MP3 / WMA DRM10 / OGG, and even BMP veiwing for good measure. Of course, iRiver has an FM tuner and voice recorder in here as well. The T50 will be out on April 15th in white and black versions, both retailing for 9,980 yen ($85 US).

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