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New screens from Treasure Island Z and Devil Kings 2


got their hands on some great screens from two upcoming Capcom games: the colorful pirate adventure Treasure Island Z and the upgraded Playstation 2 port Devil Kings 2. We have good news and ... miscellaneous news for both.

First, the good news: Devil Kings 2 looks like a hybrid of Dynasty Warriors and Devil May Cry, with cool characters and over-the-top stylish moves. Treasure Island Z's screens show off the interface, which involves-- could it be?-- a hand-shaped cursor interacting with objects on screen! Pointing and clicking, as it were!

Now for the other news: for some reason, one of the playable characters in Devil Kings 2 looks like a samurai version of Ultraman, and we haven't decided how we feel about that. And in Treasure Island Z, the character has some kind of stylized Wiimote item in-game. That's kind of a cheap way to be immersive, isn't it? Check after the break for a couple of screens from each game.

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