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Other shoe drops on Apple TV: hard drive is upgradeable


I'll let you in on a little TUAW secret: the reason we rarely post our own takeapart galleries of new Apple gear is that we like the products way too much to break them into little, un-warranty-covered pieces. Not to mention that we pay for them out of our own pockets. Anyway, our main topic of conversation today has been "Who's going to try to upgrade their Apple TV hard drive? Erica? David? Somebody break that sucker open and upgrade it!"

Somebody did. Brave/foolhardy Apple TV owner Jonathan Bare cracked open his shiny pizza box and plopped in a 120 GB hard drive, exact methodology of brain transplant yet to be announced (I would lay money on a Disk Utility or CCC clone). So far, so good; the pictures are here.

[via Gizmodo]

Thanks Aron & all who sent this in.

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