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Xbox Live security foiled by smooth talkers, not hackers


Do not be alarmed, maniacally typing hackers have not invaded, penetrated or otherwise violated the or Xbox Live networks. This was the message delivered by Microsoft's Major Nelson earlier this week after reports indicated that Xbox Live user information had fallen into the wrong and noticeably greasy hands. However, it seems the firewalls and encryption routines provided by computers are doing a much better job than those organic meatbags that operate the Xbox support call center.

Major Nelson writes in his latest post that some Xbox Live accounts may have already been compromised thanks to phonies phoning in and extracting sensitive information via the use of pretexting -- the invention of a scenario that fools the operator into divulging your precious data. "There's no other way to say it; this situation shouldn't have happened. Our customers deserve better." The Major promises that support staff will be better trained and be made aware of such "social engineering" attempts.

While the transparency is appreciated, it's alarming to think that Xbox Live security is succumbing to one of the oldest tricks in what's, by now, a rather pig-eared book.

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