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How to make the DS better


An article over at Next Generation outlines a few suggestions on how to improve the Nintendo DS. The system was a cautious experiment a few years ago, but its overwhelming success has made it as mainstream as peanut butter and jelly. Almost. Some of the ideas are easy upgrades that make a lot of sense, but others seem to go against the spirit of the system:

  • Internal flash memory
  • Better system interface
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Virtual Console support
  • Integrated wi-fi and Pictochat
  • Give the DS drawing and organizer abilities
  • Better GBA slot support
Firmware upgrades? Sounds like a headache. Part of the reason the DS is successful is its simplicity. Want to play a game? Grab a cart, shove it in, and you're good to go. We admit, a Virtual Console for the DS would be divine, as well as a more integrated Pictochat experience. But does the DS need to be changed? Why tweak a formula that's obviously working?

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