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Samsung's latest Bordeaux LCD trio touts 15000:1 contrast ratio

Darren Murph

It wasn't too long ago that we caught wind of Samsung's latest Bordeaux sets, but now the firm is one-upping itself by kicking out a new trio in the lineup with even more impressive specs. Jumping from 10000:1 to 15000:1 in the contrast ratio department, the 40-inch LN40M81BD, 46-inch LN46M81BD, and 52-inch LN52M81BD all tout the True Black Panel technology in order to bring "plasma-like blacks" to the LCD HDTV arena, and you'll also find three HDMI ports, "Full HD" resolution, and the obligatory sexy black frame to really set your living room theater off. Unfortunately, further details on the units are scarce, but we do expect all three sets to hit the Korean market soon for $3,518, $4,690, and $5,863 depending on size.

[Via TrustedReviews]

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