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'This is Living' toilet girl helps flush PAL PS3 sales


Previously we said that we've completely given up trying to explain the European PS3 ads and marketing campaign. Somehow the "This is Living" campaign, with its cup-stacking, bike tricks and quirky characters was supposed to move PS3 unit in Europe. Given the tepid response in Europe and Australia -- we're going to go with it didn't work. Spinning things even further into general awkwardness was Microsoft unleashing a PR blitz on European gaming sites. Can you think of a better way to show those Euro game journalists the cost difference between the PS3 and Xbox 360 than by sending the monetary difference in beer? Sorry to say, but it's time for Sony to find a new advertising agency in Europe, because what the girl does at the end of the commerical above is exactly what that company did with Sony's money.

Find some more ads that were supposed to appeal to Europeans after the break. Be warned, they are NSFS (not safe for sales).

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