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Analyst picks PS3 to beat Wii


Quick, check out your window and make sure you don't see any pigs flying!

Seriously though, where does this expectation come from? The future, apparently, as Peter O'Donovan from Gartner suggests. "We expect PS3 to outsell Wii and 360 in a couple of year's time," he says, with the kind of wide-eyed enthusiasm a new-born babe possesses, we imagine. Or, maybe he was drunk.

Regardless of our incredible ability to imagine the most ridiculous things, let's open the flood gates and see what you all think. The Wii is kicking the crap out of the competition now, but do you see them doing so over the next year or two, or even the life of this console generation? What will keep them on top, or topple them from the top of the hill?

[Via Codename Revolution]

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