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Breakfast topic: Famous and infamous


In Azeroth, not everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. For every Leeroy, Sebudai or Xl, there's a thousand nameless players toiling away in mid-level guilds, not doing anything funny or stupid enough to get noticed by the wider WoW community. But there are lesser levels of fame and infamy. You can be one of the top PVPers on your server, or lead the most successful guild, or be well-known for being funny, friendly and generous. Or, on the other hand, you can be known as a ninja, a jerk, or an e-sexual predator (in extreme cases.)

I'm not very well-known on my server. I am occasionally viciously sarcastic in general chat and tend to get the OMG girl thing in Vent-dependent PUGs, but that's about it. Only a few people outside my guild know I write for a blog, and that's definitely not a way to get e-famous anyway -- it leads to more "Hey, you should write about how THIS INSTANCE SUCKS" than "Wow, I read your article and it was great!" I'm happy being just another nobody in-game, because being an undercover reporter is a pretty cool secret identity to have.

Are you famous or infamous on your server? If you're not, who is and why?

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