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ColorPath night vision trades in green for the whole rainbow

Evan Blass

There's no doubt that night vision scopes, binoculars, and cameras have revolutionized numerous after-dark activities -- from soldiers navigating the battlefield to rescue teams searching for lost hikers to serial killers stalking terrified FBI trainees in suburban basements -- but the whole green hue thing could really use an update. Enter Boston-based Tenebraex Corp., a jack-of-all-trades company that has invented such various vision-related products as software for the color blind and anti-reflective covers for military lenses, and which is now poised to introduce its ColorPath, um, color night vision scope this summer. Targeted mainly at field surgeons or munitions experts who need to discern different shades for certain critical procedures ("cut the RED wire!," the Tenebraex site helpfully notes), the new devices consist of a regular night vision scope attached to a pair of rotating filters "that vary the intensity of light coming from different colored objects;" the user's brain then "interprets these variations as differences in color," and sees objects at red, blue, yellow, etc. Let's hope that the military decides to invest in these $6,000 scopes and help bring this tech into the hands of the common man, but if not, we're sure ColorPath still has a bright future capturing young celebrities / celebutantes in compromising positions.

[Via Slashdot and Boston Globe]

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