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Details and pics of Wii Internet Channel final version


Nintendo's official U.S. Wii website recently featured a translated discussion with the Internet Channel's development team in Japan. Working closely with Opera Software, the group crafted the trial version of the Opera Wii browser and are still fine-tuning it for the official release in April. Based on user feedback, a number of improvements have been made to make Wii surfing easier and faster:

  • Auto-hide toolbar
  • Display cursors from multiple Wii remotes (though only Player 1 can actually click)
  • Favorites page immediately accessible
  • Improved website compatibility
  • Improved zoom leaves text crisp at all levels
  • New and better scroll interface
  • Search button on the toolbar
  • Start up time decreased by 5 seconds
  • URL text (www and com) easily accessible
The better zoom and auto-hide toolbar should free up screen real estate, one of our chief complains with the browser. Unfortunately Flash or Java support enhancements weren't mentioned.

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