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DVD pirates attempt subterfuge in war on crime dogs


Our favorite DVD-sniffin' crime dogs, Lucky and Flo, won't just have that price on their heads to worry about now: bootleggers have added in chemical sprays to throw the dogs off the scent. The two dogs went into hiding when the bounty hunters started after them last week, and haven't participated in any raids since they busted up a $3 million piracy ring. Now police believe pirates are trying to "show off their strength" by getting pirated DVDs back onto the streets, and part of that effort is using chemical sprays to fool the dogs, which are on the hunt for polycarbonate chemicals -- the smell of plastic. We'll see how effective they are when Lucky and Flo get back out on those mean Malaysian streets, but Malaysia is already looking into training its own set of DVD sniffers, so these two won't be alone in their fight against Evil for long.

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