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EB Games wants to sell you PS3 Time Crisis with gun

Zack Stern

EB Games lists a PS3 version of arcade game Time Crisis 4 that might be released late this year. Sure, a "no image available" page with little other information doesn't usually interest us, but this might-be $89.99 game might include "Guncon," which might be a PS3 version of the light gun. Maybe. Is this another Namco Bandai exclusive?

The GunCon and GunCon 2 connected with a wire to previous PlayStations, but we can only imagine that a PS3 version would work wirelessly over Bluetooth. (Seriously, our imaginations are that good.) And as long as we're imagining, why not include some Sixaxis controls to look or move?

Namco Bandai hasn't officially announced a PS3 version of the game and told us the company chooses not to comment on the EB Games listing.

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