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PlayStation 3s fetching less than retail on UK eBay

As if on cue, the vicious news cycle repeats itself. Just days after the PlayStation 3 made its simultaneously generous, in the UK, and beleaguered, in France, European debut, would-be savvy eBayers are finding it just as difficult to unload their wares as their North American counterparts did several months ago. According to TimesOnline, "eBay's pricelist suggests that this time round the touts have misjudged demand." After looking up the definition for "touts" we realized this all seemed familiar ... almost like déjà vu.

The week after the PS3's North America debut we even geeked out with some eBay stats and arrived at the scandalous conclusion that "next-gen auction prices fall as supplies increase." The problem, so much as it is one: UK shops remain well stocked with PS3 consoles! The good news: if that £425 pricetag was scaring you away, then try shopping here.

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