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RM650 and RM550 RAmos DAPs get "chocolized"


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Fed up with the overcrowded iPod-rippin' game, RAmos has moved on to the other hotness of 2006: LG's Chocolate. And RAmos makes no bones about its "inspiration," as seen in the press shot above. At least Meizu has the modesty to deny it once in a while. Anyways, specs are pretty standard for the RM650 and RM550 players: 2.4-inch QVGA displays, 1GB to 4GB of flash memory (2GB max on the RM650), less than 0.45-inches thick, mic recording and decent codec support, including XviD. Prices range from $52 to $78, no word exactly when they'll be hitting shelves in China, and little hope for such imitation to make it to the States through any formal channels.

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