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Romance of the Three Kingdoms conquers Virtual Console


With Nintendo's Virtual Console service already populated by all manner of leaping vermin, reckless racers and pointy-eared adventurers, the time has come for something more serious to occupy our time. And it doesn't get more serious than a political tale of an inter-kingdom love triangle and the slow subjugation of China, otherwise described as Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

This Monday sees the release of the fourth and snappily titled game in the tactical sim series, Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Five Fire. As it presents the SNES version, expect to spend 800 points ($8) on this acquisition when it hits the Wii at 9AM Pacific Time.

No, that's it. Surely you didn't expect to conquer China, invade Monster World and traipse through an Enchanted Castle all in one day?

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