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Square Enix party details make us want to buy a ticket to Tokyo

Kevin Kelly

IGN has some of the details for the upcoming Square Enix party in Japan, which could result in overload for Final Fantasy fanboys and fangirls in attendance. The tip of the iceberg includes:

  • Dragon Quest Monster Joker (DS, playable)
  • Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wing (DS, playable)
  • Final Fantasy Tactics (PSP, playable)
  • Itadaki Street DS (DS, playable)
  • Dragon Quest Swords (Wii, playable)
  • It's a Wonderful World (DS, playable)
  • Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII (PSP, playable)
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (DS, playable)
  • Final Fantasy XI (PS2, X360, Windows, playable)
  • Final Fantasy (PSP, video)
  • Final Fantasy II (PSP, video)
  • Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road (Arcade, video)
  • Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete (Blu-Ray, video)
  • Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, Mobile, video)
Partygoers will also be able to play a slew of mobile game demos, and will be going home with exclusive Square Enix goodies, some of which can be seen here. Give us the slime from Dragon Quest, and we might be able to pretend like we experienced all this first-hand.

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