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The Darkness has a birth date ... June 25 US, June 29 Europe

Reader Ben tipped us off to the the official MySpace page for The Darkness -- the upcoming comic-book adaptation by Starbreeze Studios -- which announces "The Darkness has a birth date" of June 25th for the good, old US of A, and June 29th for Europe. Two birthdays is a tad unusual, so we decided to accept June 25th as the game's real birthday.

June 25th? That means The Darkness shares a birthday with The Office's Ricky Gervais, Planet's Funniest Animals' Matt Gallant, singer Carly Simon, writer George Orwell, British admiral Lord Mountbatten and, of course, Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. It will be a Cancer, known to be both imaginative and intuitive, but also hypersensitive and moody. Ruh roh, better not piss it off.

[Thanks, Ben]

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