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Spotted! Xbox 360 Elite spied in assembly line

Of course, the Xbox 360 Elite doesn't actually exist yet; it's just idle, and most likely spurious, chatter floating in a nebulous sea of speculation surrounded by a hard, candy shell of rumor and hearsay. But that hasn't stopped these characteristically blurry spy shots of the HDMI- and 120GB-enabled Xbox 360 Elite from showing up on a Chinese assembly line. Take note: the chrome drive bezel clearly distinguishes the non-entity that is the Xbox 360 Elite from the decidedly corporeal black Xbox 360 dev kit. After the break, a shot of the not-yet-confirmed hard drive barely showing off the "120" printed on the top of it. What does it all mean?

[Thanks to all the spies who tipped us off!]

elite assembly


elite hdd

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