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Is the DTV transistion inciting "fear mongering?"

Matt Burns

Consumer Electronics Association President Gary Shapiro sure thinks it's getting some of our legislative branch up in a hissy - and without getting too political, he does have a point. The DTV switch-off is just under two years away, but the process has already been penned to allow each household two, $40 coupons that they can put towards the $60 digital-analog set-top boxes. Cool, right? Well, Mr. Shapiro thinks so but is citing that some people up on the Hill (the one with the large white government building) are blowing the shutoff situation out of the water. Is there enough money for the 15% of Americans that need one of these boxes? We don't know for sure but we do agree with Gary by saying, there needs to be more education than anything else? Commercials, warning labels on non-ATSC equipped equipment, more commercials, newspaper adds, and even more commercials. Education is the best tool to ensure everyone understands what's going on come February 17, 2009.

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