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Last gasps of a dying format [Update 1]

Steven Bailey

Sony handled movie UMDs terribly, so it comes as no surprise that movie studios and retail stores are becoming reluctant in supporting the format. Recent exceptions, like Borat or Casino Royale, got me thinking: When will the last UMD movie be released? A trip to Sony Style lists "Stomp the Yard" as the last UMD available for pre-order, with a release date of May 15th. Amazon has a few other UMDs listed, but with release dates set in the year 2025, it's very likely that these UMDs have been canceled. In any case, it's painfully obvious this is the last year we'll see new UMD releases. Does anyone still buy new UMD movies, or do you simply buy them when they're on clearance?

[Update 1: The ever-lovable Dave Karraker has sent us an e-mail, stating "There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that we are discontinuing the UMD format for PSP."]

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