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LG VX8700 "Shine" for Verizon in the wild

Chris Ziegler

First the Chocolate, now the Shine -- kudos, Verizon, you actually seem to be doing a reasonably good job keeping up with the musical chairs LG's playing with its fashion line. LG was pushing the VX8700 pretty hard on the show floor here, with a full kiosk devoted to its brushed metal sleekness. Interestingly, we were told Verizon doesn't have plans to use the "Shine" branding with the phone, despite the fact that LG was showing it on Shine stands, and -- let's face it -- it's a Shine through and through. It felt super solid, the metal was gorgeous, and the external display was nifty; yeah, it out-RAZRs the RAZR alright, but in 2007, is that enough? Time'll tell.

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