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WoW Insider Guide to Paladin Tanking

Paul Sherrard

With the many changes already made to the paladin class in WoW 2.0, and the new paladin tanking itemization that's been promised for 2.10, we felt it was about time that paladin tanking was given a thorough looking over. With great help from master mathematician Ananke, we've been able to put together the first in what's sure to be a long list of WoW Insider Guides.

With your protection tree firmly in hand, you can take a look at how Seal of Righteousness compares to taunt, how your Consecration can act as a great aggro builder across multiple mobs, and how you can tank *and* dish out the damage. Complete with graphs and an explanation of each of a paladin's primary tanking skills and spells, we're sure you'll find this guide helpful whether you're a paladin tank, or just grouping with one.

Click on the read link to see how a paladin can stack up to a Warrior, WoW's traditional tanking class, and look at the numbers behind the essential paladin tanking skills.

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