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Insomniac explains why PS3 will win

Nick Doerr

This comes from Insomniac's community page, but it was neatly transcribed on -- we're going to use that one as our foundation. Deja vu... wonder if I've used that exact sentence before. It's plausible, but not probable. Anyway, Brian Hastings, the chief creative officer at Insomniac, wrote a post about Sony's negative spin and ultimately why the console would come out on top. We'll list his reasons with some light support. Don't forget, he said, "First of all, let me make it clear that Insomniac is a 100% independent development studio. Sony has neither endorsed nor authorized what I'm writing here." Right.

  1. HOME and LittleBigPlanet -- a multiverse and user-generated content. We've heard enough about this and we know it's awesome.
  2. Free Online -- we've heard the argument over and over. He uses the XBL argument across a five-year span, totalling an extra $270. Ouchies.
  3. 50GB Games -- this is actually a hotly contested point. Is Blu-ray necessary? Games can look like Gears of War on regular DVDs, right? He goes through the "well, it's only got X amount of levels" versus something like Resistance which has over 30. Blu-ray will be necessary and in a year or two, it will show. We at PS3Fanboy also believe this.
  4. Casino Royale -- Yeah, the Blu-ray movie. Why? It proves Blu-ray isn't a niche market. It cracked the top 10 DVD movie charts on Amazon. For the HD version, that is, for the Blu-ray. A nice moment for the BD camp.
  5. HDMI -- it matters. Why else would other companies re-release their consoles supporting HDMI after saying something along the lines of "it doesn't really matter". Apparently it does.
  6. Standard HDD -- not only that it's standard, but very, very, very easily replaced.
  7. The Wii fad will fade -- we won't go into this one, but it makes sense. It's like a fashion trend that will show its age in a short year or two. Check out his reasoning, as we'll step back from this controversy.
  8. PS3 has major CPU advantage -- he admits the GPU may lean in the 360's favor, but the CPU/Cell processor will completely wipe out any doubt about the system's power once someone takes advantage of it.
  9. PS2 still outselling 360 -- it's outselling the PS3, too. But if they're just now buying the PS2, chances are they won't buy either the 360 or PS3 for a while and when they do, they'll lean towards the PS3 because of all of Sony's fantastic 1st-party titles, among others.
  10. Something for Everyone

Whew. What do you guys think? We'll shut up now and leave the discussion to you.

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