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New Samsung LCD with automatic brightness adjustment

Brian White

We all love those 2 inch QVGA screens in those newer wireless handsets -- sending text messages, navigating menus and browsing the wireless web was never so good before all these nice color, high-rez screens became commonplace. Just don't go out in the sun and try to use your phone though, as many nicer color screens become virtually unusable in direct sunlight. Enter Samsung, which has announced a 2.1 inch QVGA color screen that features intelligent automatic brightness adjustment technology (try saying that 10 times fast). The new screen from Samsung will find its way into higher-end handsets and PDAs and features a temperature compensation sensor along with ambient lighting sensors embedded in its LCD driver IC. Samsung is also claiming that this new LCD consumes 20-30% less electric power than current QVGA displays. Take that, sunlight.

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