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Nintendo DS headset pre-order sale at Amazon

Eric Caoili

With the US release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl approaching -- both versions supporting VoIP communication before, during, and after battles -- we've given the idea of purchasing Nintendo's official DS headset some serious thought. Having a first-party alternative to the DS' less-than-exemplary microphone and speakers would be nice, but we're not thrilled about having to spend $14.99 to purchase one.

Amazon makes our decision an easy one, cutting the headset's pre-order price down to $9.99. How are we supposed to turn down a deal like that? If you add an item or two to your cart, you'll also be eligible for free shipping! Why not pick up one of the many DS games that the site has on sale? Check out the list of Amazon's $24.00 titles past the post break.

[Via CAG]

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