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Pack your bags! Australian game reviewers offered hookers


When hookers are offered to game reviewers for better scores ... well, the game industry just got a whole lot more interesting! Official Australian PlayStation 2 Magazine's former editor Richie Young says he was offered sex, money, gifts, overseas trips and advertising support to influence game review scores.

Well, let's see, the advertising support is a common practice. So are the trips and gifts (those are just called junkets). The money is interesting -- but hookers? In Australia? Imagine what the American game reviewers get offered. EGM Editor Dan Hsu's now classic editorial spoke to this issue, but to this day he hasn't stepped up to the plate with a follow-through.

A lot of issues dredged up in Young's post are just the truth of what happens. It's dirty and it's sad. None of it is anything the magazines and review sites don't have to deal with every single day ... it's just the hookers that make this story over the top.

[via ScreenPlay, thanks Flyingdoormat]

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