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Samsung's SPH-M8100: another hi-spec MITs WiBro handheld


This isn't the first time we've seen Samsung's SPH-M8100. Remember, this is that crazy WiBro (mobile WiMax) phone sporting a dedicated RSS key (upper-right button on that Korean keypad). Only now, it's been slightly retooled for its official Korean launch. Besides the facelift, it appears unchanged spec-wise as a member of Sammy's elite MITs (Mobile Intelligent Terminal) family of devices. So it still packs the latest CDMA and EV-DO radios and DMB mobile television only now wrapped up in a pretty Windows Mobile 6.0 interface. Bluetooth, 2.8-inch display, and 2 megapixel camera still come standard. With any luck, we might see this rollout on Sprint's WiMAX network someday, somewhere. Yeah, right.

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