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The iPhone makes a public appearance


If you still think that the iPhone may not be a hit, consider this. At this week's CTIA Wireless 2007 trade show, the iPhone was on stage with AT&T Inc. Chief Operating Officer Randall Stephenson for what was described as "...just moments," yet it warranted a full AP article. Here's our favorite part:

"When AT&T Inc. Chief Operating Officer Randall Stephenson pulled out the gadget during his speech, the audience snapped to attention and the room lit with camera flashes."

You'd think Bruce Springsteen had shown up. Kevin Martin of the FCC also got his hands on it, the article continues, and didn't want to give it back (would you?). In the end, the iPhone was taken away by "...a guy in blue jeans." Hmmmm...

As an aside, we really need some new images of this thing to work with. Is anyone else tired of that shot with the eerily perfect hand?

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