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ZyXEL launches the V660 smartphone


ZyXEL, makers of fine broadband access equipment, has sauntered into the mobile market with a converged Windows Mobile device with both VoIP and quad band GSM connectivity. The magic here is the clever bit o' routing technology stashed in this otherwise simple looking device; when an open WiFi access point is found -- it also supports WPA / WPA2 / TLS -- it is used instead of the GSM connection to help you save your pennies. The V660 is powered by Windows Mobile 5 (is that 2003 we see in the press shot there?), but with updates popping up everywhere these days, it would be no shock to see it slip out the door mid 2007 packing WM6. The press release doesn't hint at much of anything on the tech side, so we will just have to sit and wait for the numbers -- but we don't expect this to break the bank.


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