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Play-Asia's Crazy Week sale

Eric Caoili

Starting today, popular importer Play-Asia will be hosting another one of its bargain blowouts, selling every in-stock item at a 20% discount (excluding products released in the past 30 days). Dubbing the event "Crazy Week," the online store will be marking down thousands of its games and accessories until next Thursday.

Some of you might not think that 20% off isn't a great deal, especially when you factor in shipping and handling. We would probably be inclined to agree with you if we hadn't come across Play-Asia's reduced pricing on the bit Generations series. Coloris and Orbital have been cut down to $19.92, while all of the other titles are listed at a ridonkulous $11.92! That includes critically-acclaimed games like Dostream and Soundvoyager!

If that isn't enough to convert the 49% of you who haven't imported games yet, we don't know what will.

[Via CAG]

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