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Should we be hyped for more Mario & Sonic?


So, this news is kind of big and already causing a buzz on the intertron, wouldn't you say? This caused debate at Fanboy HQ, as we argued amongst ourselves the implications such a team up would mean for the future of our games. Did this game just confirm Sonic being in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, or is it merely the beginning of what Nintendo and Sega hope will be several games where their strongest mascots can compete?

One then might also consider that a lot of folk just aren't going to care about this type of game and perhaps haven't waited for the two to go at each other since they were much younger. And, also to look at this a little more negatively, do Wii owners want another set of minigames? Obviously, the game is going to have to be comprised of several different sports ...wait a minute, why wasn't this announced at GDC? It hasn't been so long since the show's conclusion, so we wonder what could've prevented Nintendo from revealing this at the event?

With all that swimming about in your skull, chime in with your thoughts, fine reader, on the importance of this partnership, the possibility of Sonic being in Super Smash Bros. Brawl or your feelings of complete apathy toward it all. Comment away!

How about that Sonic and Mario?
This excites me! Not so much for this game, but for the games that it could pave the way for ...
I'm also excited! I love the Olympics and being able to play them as these guys sounds fun.
Sonic versus Mario = I'm sold.
More minigames? Bleh.
Where was this game in 1992?

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