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Two new Sony Bravia lines for the European market

Erik Hanson

You can't be expected to buy up one of the newly-released PlayStation 3s in Europe without a Sony Bravia to back it up, can you? Soon you will have your chance, with two lines of LCDs set to be released in the near future. The S3000 series will initially come in 32- and 40-inch sizes -- with 20 to 46 coming later in the year -- and sport three HDMI and two SCART connectors, as well as a built-in DVB-T digital free-to-air tuner (or "over-the-air," if you're American). Stepping up to the D3000 series grabs you 24p movie-mode frame rate and 100Hz refresh rate for greater smoothness, as well as a 10-bit panel for better color gradations. Both series also come with Bravia Theatre Sync via HDMI, using any connected devices to pass command and control signals around and help reduce the pile of remote controls on your coffee table; what, you don't have a Pronto or Harmony universal remote yet? Pricing and release dates are forthcoming.

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