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Bonk takes Revenge on the Dragon's Curse, and 3 more coming to VC

Ross Miller

Hudson Soft is giving Wii owners its second dose of Bonk with Bonk's Revenge. The Turbo-Grafx 16 platformer is due sometime next month on the Virtual Console, according to the publisher's official list. Also on the list for next month are Dragon's Curse, Bravoman, Battle Lode Runner and Shockman. Bravoman stands as only the second TurboGrafx-16 game from Namco Bandai, and only the fourth title not distributed by Hudson Soft.

The first title to be released, Dragon's Curse, is scheduled for next Monday, April 2. All titles will be priced the usual 600 Wii Points for purchase. Also known for next month are three from Sega, including a 2-dimensional Virtua Fighter 2. No word on what classic titles, if any, Nintendo will release in April.

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