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Halo 2 maps available April 17th for $4, Xbox 360 not required

Remember that 2am Bungie announcement where they promised new Halo 2 multiplayer maps but only if you promised to play them on an Xbox 360? They stuck to their word with the maps -- Halo 2 renditions of Hang 'Em High and Derelict, two of Halo: Combat Evolved's most popular multiplayer maps -- but have broken their promise on the console requirements. See, now they're saying these things will work on both Xbox and Xbox 360 platforms. Who's saying that? Bungie's own Frankie, that's who!

For the reasonable price of $4 (wow, no MS Points?), you'll be able to download both maps -- now redubbed Tombstone and Desolation respectively -- on April 17. Because the original Xbox doesn't use Billy Bucks, they've foregone the confusing currency conversion and settled on good old money. Similarly, because the old Xbox doesn't distinguish between Gold and Silver accounts, you'll need to be a Gold member to download and play. Hurrah for coming through for the old school Halo gamers: letting them play some heretofore offline-only Halo maps in Halo 2 on their aging Xboxen.

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