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Halo 2 maps: Hang 'em High is back, not 360 exclusive


Halo 2 fans rejoice, as Microsoft has officially announced the new maps coming to Halo 2. There will be two maps available for download, Tombstone and Desolation. Tombstone is a remake of one of the most popular maps from the original Halo, Hang 'em High. Seen in the image above, Tombstone gives Hang 'em High's stark presentation an industrial twist. Desolation is a remake of Derelict, and presents a more symmetrical design. Check out Desolation after the break.

Desolation moves away from the sparse theme of Derelict in favor of a naturalistic theme. Both maps will be available for download on April 17th for the easily digestible price of $4. What's more, the maps will be available on both the original Xbox and the Xbox 360 (which is why the cost is in dollars and not MS Points). It was previously announced that the maps would be 360 exclusive, so this should be quite a relief to Xbox 1 die-hards. Click here for hi-res versions of the images above. will have more details later today.

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