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Hands-on (again) with the ultra-everything Samsung F700

Chris Ziegler

Yes, we just recently brought you a bunch of live shots of the F700 from the CeBIT show floor, but when it comes to a device of this caliber, let's be honest: one good gallery deserves another. These ones come from CTIA; after being given a few brief moments to play with it, we really can't emphasize enough just how flippin' small it is. When we initially saw Samsung's press shots of the device, we got the impression that its dimensions were generous enough to put it head to head with a Hermes or equivalent -- and to be fair, with HSUPA, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, slide-out QWERTY and a 5 megapixel sensor, that's a reasonable impression to have -- but in reality, the F700 is seriously no bigger than a large candybar dumbphone. We don't want to rag on it too much since we haven't played with a functional device yet, but one potential downside is the keyboard -- the small space bar lies squarely in the middle of the bottom row of letter keys and has its top row placed a little too close to the bottom edge of the device's top half. Unfortunately, the unit we spent time with had no operating system loaded, but the hardware was so gorgeous that we almost -- almost -- didn't care.

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