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Japan's VC announcements for April: Boxers, ninjas, and punkic cyborgs


We're jealous of the Japanese Virtual Console selection already. It's even worse now that we've seen the newly-announced games for April. There is some really great stuff coming out next month-- at least it means there's a chance we'll get it at some point. The new games include awesome selections like Final Fight (SNES), Puyo Puyo Tsuu (Genesis), Punch-Out!! (NES), and Star Fox 64 (N64). Really, the whole list is packed with awesomeness.

Of special interest to us: Ninja Gaiden (NES), which we pretty much don't need to say anything about, because who hasn't played Ninja Gaiden, and Air Zonk, the futuristic Bonk spinoff that exemplifies the term "cute-'em-up".

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