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RSS telegraph puts the challenge back into reading the news

Evan Blass

It would be one thing if the Steampunk Workshop had just salvaged an old telegraph machine and hacked it to translate RSS feeds for kicks, but no, these guys went all out and machined by hand what is at the same time one of the best-looking and most useless projects we're ever seen. Still, modding culture doesn't necessarily place the highest value on functionality, and the detailed instructions and videos provided by SW ensure that you can come up with something just as polished. Anyway, this one looks like it's gonna take you awhile -- especially if you don't have your own band saw -- so take a quick peek at the vid after the break and then get on over to the hardware store post haste; and you do manage to build a working replica, don't forget to do the totally meta thing and send us a vid or MP3 of your creation tap tap tapping this very post out in Morse Code.

[Via MAKE:]

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