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S.PORT brings replays to PSP


London's Arsenal fans better pack their PSP systems with them when traveling to their next game. Sony is introducing a prototype streaming program called S.PORT which will allow PSP owners to see replays, stats and other game scores via a wireless feed within the Arsenal Football Club.

"It will allow you to check to see whether or not a player really was off side", said Eric Siereveld, Director of Retail Transport Venues at Sony. There's a lot that Sony will have to address before the program goes live, such as whether or not it can work on other devices. If the services proves popular enough, there's no reason not to expand it: "It could be used at any stadium around the UK, or even a golf match where it is sometimes hard to see the ball flying through the air."

According to Pocket-lint, a trial is expected to begin shortly.

[Via CNET]

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