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Toys 'R' Us will have Wii in stock Sunday


If you're looking for the Wii, and we know a lot of you out there still are, you'll be happy to know this Sunday Toys "R" Us will have them in stock. Get there early, the announcement will be in this Sunday's flyers and you'll want to beat the rush of moms to the store after they drop their coffee, shove the bagel in their mouth and bolt out the door.

Wherever people fall on the Wii shortage being intentional or unintentional, not to mention the controversy among Wii owners about the gaming drought, that little console made from two duct taped Gamecubes is selling like sellin' is going out of style. It still looks like Nintendo won't back up these amazing sales figures with some real, original Wii titles for quite some time. We'll just have to enjoy this constant string of Gamecube ports and mini-game based Wii titles apparently.

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